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Bob Cut Issue 5

Recently had the opportunity to shoot the cover story for San Francisco's Bob Cut Magazine. It was a fun collaboration with their crew. Kenyatta Jones did all the amazing wardrobe styling.

Here's what Bob Cut has to say:

When our editors set out to write, photograph, and produce a story—we aim to educate, inform, and distribute a serious amount of knowledge. This is including (but not limited to) the locals we've covered in past stories. Headlining the cover is the coveted Class of 2017—these were the locals we chose that fully represented a Bay Area we could all live in. Whether creating jobs, selling dream products, or even opening a brick-and-mortar in this rental climate—we wanted to honor this.

Bob Cut Issue 5 is here.

Stieg Jonah Greenspan Saugen

Today my son turns two weeks old. Its all a bit of a blur but I wanted to share some photos from his birth. He ended up being delivered by Cesarean section after many hours of labor. Warning that some of these images may be a bit graphic. He was born 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches tall. To track his upcoming exploits we are currently working on a website for Stieg but until then you can follow his official hash tag on an social media #GreenSpawn. You should already be following me on Instagram as well @LucasSaugen.

Why I'm Doing Stocksy

I'm shooting stock photography and it feels dirty saying that but it really isn't. 

I was able to jump on board early with a new stock photography start up called and it's really great. Firstly its not like any other stock photography site you've seen. The quality of the images are stellar and heavily curated.  You won't see a single cheesy image shot 'on white'.

Another great thing is I'm actually an owner of That is, it's a coop and if you get accepted into the coop you are a member. It's a stock photography site run by photographers and it pays us photographer quite well for our work.

Give it a try sometime if you need some stock and here's 20% off your first order. Just use this coupon code when you check out.



Camp Food

I just got back from a shoot in Northern Minnesota at an environmental learning center. It's kind of like a summer camp. We ate the same food that all the kids ate and it came on those really cool sectional trays. So in case you don't follow me on Instagram, which you should, I took photos of the camp food provided to us because I thought they looked neat.

Everything in it's place.

I'm posting these in chronological order.

Knolling Away

I've been in the studio most of the week 'knolling' for the giggles of it.

If you don't know what knolling is check out I've been playing a lot with obsolete media among other things. Here's an 8-track I did the other day. This is basically all the frames I took until I got to the final frame. Did you know that 8-tracks had no reverse? Crazy.