Impossible 8x10 with a Polaroid 81-05

I made a short instructional video demonstrating how to load, shoot, and process the new Impossible Project 8x10 Instant Film with the Polaroid 81-05 film holder and standard Polaroid 8x10 Processor. You can download a PDF instruction manual for the 81-05 holder below.

 If you have the Polaroid 81-06 Holder then you must also use the 81-09 Loading Tray.

I made myself a checklist that I follow. At $20 per shot mistakes can be costly.

  • Open the 81-05 Holder
  • Load Negative (“This side up” towards dark slide. Orange tabs on the two dashes.)
  • Close Holder
  • Pull out Protective Sleeve
  • Check Rollers
  • Check Focus
  • Close Lens
  • Insert Film Holder
  • Remove Dark Slide
  • Cock Shutter
  • Fire
  • Replace Darkslide
  • Slide Positive Into Film Holder
  • Process
  • Wait 5 -10 Minutes
  • Picture

Thanks to Beatriz Escobar for helping with this video.