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Impossible 8x10 with a Polaroid 81-05

I made a short instructional video demonstrating how to load, shoot, and process the new Impossible Project 8x10 Instant Film with the Polaroid 81-05 film holder and standard Polaroid 8x10 Processor. You can download a PDF instruction manual for the 81-05 holder below.

 If you have the Polaroid 81-06 Holder then you must also use the 81-09 Loading Tray.

I made myself a checklist that I follow. At $20 per shot mistakes can be costly.

  • Open the 81-05 Holder
  • Load Negative (“This side up” towards dark slide. Orange tabs on the two dashes.)
  • Close Holder
  • Pull out Protective Sleeve
  • Check Rollers
  • Check Focus
  • Close Lens
  • Insert Film Holder
  • Remove Dark Slide
  • Cock Shutter
  • Fire
  • Replace Darkslide
  • Slide Positive Into Film Holder
  • Process
  • Wait 5 -10 Minutes
  • Picture

Thanks to Beatriz Escobar for helping with this video.

How to Social Media for Photographers

Social media is rather important to professional photographers. It's a decent tool to find new clients but a great way to stay connected with existing clients. Keeping every possible social media channel updated is a full time job unless you automate the whole process and this is how I automate my social media channels.

First Thing's First

Our main tool for all of this is going to be IFTTT stands for IF That Then This which derives it's name from very basic programming logic. IF This happens Then I want you to do That. So If I post a photo to Instagram I want you to take that photo and also post it to my Flickr page. takes all your different social media channels, tool, apps, and allows them to talk to each other. They are the middle man for the internet. Get yourself an account.

Where Do We Start?

I keep my workflow pretty simple. Everything starts with Instagram and distributes from there. This way I can keep all my social media updated by using a single app. Some of my channels will get pushed all of my Instagram photos, like Flickr and Tumblr, while others will have to be triggered with the use of hashtags, like Twitter and Facebook. I don't use the built in share functions in Instagram because they don't play as nice with other services as IFTTT does. If I use the built in share to Twitter from Instagram it only posts a link but if I use a particular IFTTT recipe it will actually post the photo to Twitter along with a line back to Instagram.


I have three recipes that always push my Instagrams to their respective channel; Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Here are those recipes so that you can add them to your own IFTTT account.

IFTTT Recipe: Post All Instagram Photos to Flickr connects instagram to flickr
IFTTT Recipe: Pin All Instagrams to Pinterest connects instagram to pinterest
IFTTT Recipe: Post All of your Instagram Photos to Tumblr connects instagram to tumblr


For Twitter, My Facebook Fan Page, and my blog I like to decide if they content is appropriate for each channel. I often send photos to Twitter, I sometimes send photos to my Facebook, I rarely send photos to my Blog. Deciding what to send and when has a lot to do with the audience of each medium. It's hard to overwhelm people on Twitter. It's less hard to overwhelm your fans on Facebook. It's easy to turn your blog into garbage. Once I've decided if a photo should get posted to a designated channel I simply add the appropriate hashtag to the caption of the Instagram photo. Twitter is #twitter. Facebook is #fb. My Blog is #blog. IFTTT does the rest for me.

IFTTT Recipe: Push Instagram tagged with #blog to a SquareSpace blog. connects instagram to gmail
IFTTT Recipe: Push Instagrams tagged with #Twitter to Twitter.  connects instagram to twitter
IFTTT Recipe: If I Post an Instagram with #fb Push to Facebook Fan Page. connects instagram to facebook-pages

That's It!

It will take a little while to setup and customize to your liking. Once up and running it saves a ton of time and keeps all of your social channels updated.

  1. Take Instagram photo.
  2. Add hashtag if desired.
  3. Profit.


Polaroid 81-05 Instruction Manual

OMG. I'm posting this here because it took me for ever to find this and I want to make sure its around for future generations. Below is a link to a great how to instruction manual with photos on how to use the Polaroid 8x10 81-05 Film Holder. This holder works with all Polaroid Processors. There is no need for a Polaroid 81-09 Loading Tray when using the 81-05 Film Holder. You MUST use a load tray when using the Polaroid 81-06 Film Holder.