See Spot's Shadow

click to embiggenJust wanted to give everyone a fun behind the scenes look into what we do on a photo set all the time. Our job this day was to shoot and retouch a red dog bone into the mouth of Target's dog Spot for a cover page of Target's Weekly Circular.

Since Spot had been shot previously we had to match the existing light of the dog and blend that with the best light to make the dog bone look great.

The trickiest part of placing an object like this is creating a shadow that looks natural on the bone. Rather then trying to do it completely in Photoshop we did our best to create shadow on set and in camera.

So I printed off a photo of Spot and create a top jaw to cast a natural shadow on on the dog bone. The whole thing kind of made me giggle while I was making it. I made a quick video showing part of the set and some behind the scenes footage.



Lucas Saugen