The Original Hipstamatic

My Polaroid 320 Land Camera - Click to embiggen

Just got back from Isla Holbox, Mexico and while packing for the trip I came across one of my Polaroid 320 Land Cameras. I've got a stash of very expired Type 100 Polaroid film that I had been hoarding but since The Impossible Project is now making new types of Type 100 Film I guess I don't need to hoard it any longer.

The fun thing about shooting with very old Polaroid film is that you really never know what you are going to get. Sometimes the chemistry is so dry that you don't get anything at all.

Each pack of Type 100 film has 10 shots and it takes until about the 3rd shot to get the exposure locked down.

My plan for a lot of these Polaroids is to scan them at a super high resolution and then print them off extremely large. There's just something about the texture the photos have and printing them extremely large should emphasize that.






This is Cecilla on the shore of Isla Holbox, MX. Type 664 Polaroid Film

Isla Holbox beach. Type 669 Polaroid Film

 Sunset on Isla Holbox, MX. Polaroid Type 669 Film


Lucas Saugen