Starring Savings and Saugen Photography

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So, my client approaches me and tells me they need this movie marquee photographed but the only problem is that the movie marquee doesn't exist in the real world so I get to create the marquee in Photoshop.

I spent two full evenings in and around Minneapolis looking for and photographing all the right pieces to the marquee puzzle.  We ended up at about seven different locations to create this marquee and the background of the piece.  To name a few you can find bits of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Pantages, and The State Theatre in this ad.

I find myself shooting outside in the winter about once a year but every year it's always the coldest days of the season this year was no exception.  I froze my butt off shooting this.  I'm glad we brought Conor with to keep the truck running.

The guy in the yellow jacket...  That's our off duty police officer making sure no cars hit me or anyone tries to steal the ladder while I'm standing on it.

If the image of the ad looks a little odd it's because I just took a screen grab off of the internet.

Lucas Saugen