IVEY Awards

I was able to work with Brew Creative on a project recently for the the IVEY Awards.  The IVEY Awards are Minnesota's theatre awards and they've got a big show coming up towards the end of September and needed a campaign to promot it.  Brew Creative approached me to shoot three scenes and they would have William Clark shoot some people to be placed into them.

First was the Minnesota State Fair Grand Stand which we shot a couple of months ago well before the fair opened up.  Second was a dock on Seagull Lake on the edge of the BWCAW.  Third was Blake School's Ice Rink.

Finding the dock shot was the hardest.  We drove all the way up the Gun Flint Trail to find that shot but I love the way it turned out.

So, I was walking down Nicollet today and came across a couple of them in the wild.  They are in the window of the JB Husdon Jewelrys on 9th.  I've also seen them at a bunch on bus stops and I've been told they may end up on some of those fancy light up digital billboards around the cities.


Lucas Saugen1 Comment