My New Skates are SO Pretty!

I am so excited to show off my brand new custom Riedell skates!

They've got Powerdyne DynaPro Aluminum Plates which are some of best plates for the money in my opinion and I also like them because they are super durable and are going to last you more then a few seasons possibly a lifetime.

The best part of these skates are the custom boots for sure. Together with Riedell we sat down to recreate the look and feel of my old skates, the joggers, as much as possible.  So we started with a standard 265 boot size 8. The 265 already has a retro feel with the old school logo on the side and it's two vertical stripes but you also get a great durable boot without having to break the bank.

We then decided to go with the 'Ultra Blue' premium leather as the base color for the skate and used the premium leather 'Yellow' for the stripes and for the tongue of the skate.  The standard white laces go a super long way. I had been planning on replacing the laces with yellows ones but as soon as I got the white ones on the skates I decided to keep them.

I'm still debating if I need to swap out the toe stops for a white or yellow stop but for right now I'm leaving them they way they are, and of course I'm ordering some 'Ultra Blue' toe protectors from Riedell right away to keep these babies protected from regular roller derby toe wear.

There is one crucial feature of these skates that is dramatically different then my old skates; they are the correct size!  I had no idea my previous 265 boots (not shown) where too big for me by half a size but that along with me being a little flat footed was causing some horrible cramping in my feet.  Riedell measured me for these skates and they also gave me some small wedges to put under the heels of my feet to help with my flat footed-ness.  It's amazing the difference I've already noticed with these skates.

I don't think I can emphasize how excited and in love with these skates I am!   I love them so much.  Thank you Riedell for being an awesome company but for also being an awesome Minnesota company.

My new babies!My old babies.Two generations side by side.


Lucas Saugen1 Comment