Noah Rosenberg Schwartz Saugen (No-Buddy)

I'm not sure if it is that I need a sense of closure or I'm indulging some self destructive tendencies at the moment but I can't help myself from attempting to write an obituary for my poor kitty Noah whom I had to have put to sleep Friday evening.

I knew these days were going to be hard but I never expected going into this relationship that an overweight puddle of fur would turn a grown man into a sobbing messy thing. The worst of it is coming home and finding yourself waiting for him to greet you with his raspy baritone of a 'meow' and only being greeted by silence.

So, if this post is nothing but sappy mush and incomprehensible garbage I hope you can understand where it is coming from.

Noah Rosenberg Schwartz Saugen, born Noah Rosenberg, was laid to rest Friday, July 24th, 2009 at the age of 13.5. Having fallen on harder times Noah was residing in the West Philips neighborhood of Minneapolis for the last two years, previously residing just south of the upscale 50th and France area of Minneapolis with his loving parents Betsy Rosenberg and James Schwartz. Having been weakened by a growing brain tumor it was the staff of the Blue Cross Animal Hospital at the request of his companion Lucas Saugen who mercifully took his life.

Born on a cold New England morning in January 1996 Noah was a frail, small and scared kitten. It is unknown who his birth parents where or the existence of any siblings. To the amazement of those around him he quickly grew to be a very large, strong, and de-clawed cat. Lacking education Noah spent most his youth wondering the alleys in search of conflict and conquests. It was in his later years after a failed conflict with an unknown adversary Noah was confined to the indoors by his family.

His hobbies included and were not limited to snoring loudly, sleeping in the sun, and eating. Modest to a fault, most never knew of his many accolades such as being crowned the 2002 Chewbacca Calling Champion of the Upper Midwest and many prizes for his remarkable impersonation of the former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Emboldened by his polydactyl adeptness, Noah was an impeccable groomer and caught flying treats with his bare mitts.

Survived by his companion in later life Lucas Saugen, his parents James and Betsy, and countless friends.  Noah's ashes will be buried along side other beloved animals who's swift hand of death touched too early.  No service is planned.

Thank you for your indulgence.  I want to remember Noah as the strong, fluffy, misundertood grump of a man he was.  Here are some photos of him in his prime.

Noah and me.... in the sun.King of his domain.

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