Minnesota RollerGirls Trading Cards

I've been working again with the Minnesota RollerGirls to create their 2010 Home Season Trading Cards and the whole project has been going great.  We shot this video to give the world a little taste of what they will be able to get once the trading cards are released to the public in January.

One of the problems we've had in the past with doing over a 100 different trading cards was the amount of post production time we need to create the front and the backs of all the cards with all the correct information on them.  We decided this year to try to do all of the names and numbers and likes and dislikes in camera at the time of shoot.

We have two sets going for this project.  The first one is for the front of the trading cards in which the RollerGirl gets to actually stand in their frame.  The second is for the backs of the trading card where she spells out letters her important information.

Lucas Saugen