Lucas Saugen Photography

Lucas Saugen Photography

Bob Cut Issue 5

Recently had the opportunity to shoot the cover story for San Francisco's Bob Cut Magazine. It was a fun collaboration with their crew. Kenyatta Jones did all the amazing wardrobe styling.

Here's what Bob Cut has to say:

When our editors set out to write, photograph, and produce a story—we aim to educate, inform, and distribute a serious amount of knowledge. This is including (but not limited to) the locals we've covered in past stories. Headlining the cover is the coveted Class of 2017—these were the locals we chose that fully represented a Bay Area we could all live in. Whether creating jobs, selling dream products, or even opening a brick-and-mortar in this rental climate—we wanted to honor this.

Bob Cut Issue 5 is here.

Free 2017 Calendar

As you may know, I like to celebrate the new year with new calendars.

Your 2017 Lucas Saugen Photography Calendar is almost here. Fill out the form below and I'll send a complimentary limited edition calendar straight to your door.

This year you can choose from ten different calendar images. The actual calendar bits are these adorable little tear off pads. You'll be committed to the image for all of 2017.



Impossible 8x10 with a Polaroid 81-05

I made a short instructional video demonstrating how to load, shoot, and process the new Impossible Project 8x10 Instant Film with the Polaroid 81-05 film holder and standard Polaroid 8x10 Processor. You can download a PDF instruction manual for the 81-05 holder below.

 If you have the Polaroid 81-06 Holder then you must also use the 81-09 Loading Tray.

I made myself a checklist that I follow. At $20 per shot mistakes can be costly.

  • Open the 81-05 Holder
  • Load Negative (“This side up” towards dark slide. Orange tabs on the two dashes.)
  • Close Holder
  • Pull out Protective Sleeve
  • Check Rollers
  • Check Focus
  • Close Lens
  • Insert Film Holder
  • Remove Dark Slide
  • Cock Shutter
  • Fire
  • Replace Darkslide
  • Slide Positive Into Film Holder
  • Process
  • Wait 5 -10 Minutes
  • Picture

Thanks to Beatriz Escobar for helping with this video.