Polaroid 81-05 Instruction Manual by Lucas Saugen

OMG. I'm posting this here because it took me for ever to find this and I want to make sure its around for future generations. Below is a link to a great how to instruction manual with photos on how to use the Polaroid 8x10 81-05 Film Holder. This holder works with all Polaroid Processors. There is no need for a Polaroid 81-09 Loading Tray when using the 81-05 Film Holder. You MUST use a load tray when using the Polaroid 81-06 Film Holder.

Impossible Light by Lucas Saugen

I've spent a ton of my time over the past couple of years documenting the creation, development, and installation of The Bay Lights. There were many very late nights hugging the rail of The Bay Bridge as cars whipped past and a few great days hanging from the very top of the bridge where few people have gone.

Along my side the whole time was Jeremy Ambers. He decided to create a film documenting The Bay Lights and recently his film Impossible Light had it's debut at SXSW. I was able to help out with the film in some minor ways and somehow got my first IMDB credit from it. If you can find a way to see his film you really should.