Impossible Light by Lucas Saugen

I've spent a ton of my time over the past couple of years documenting the creation, development, and installation of The Bay Lights. There were many very late nights hugging the rail of The Bay Bridge as cars whipped past and a few great days hanging from the very top of the bridge where few people have gone.

Along my side the whole time was Jeremy Ambers. He decided to create a film documenting The Bay Lights and recently his film Impossible Light had it's debut at SXSW. I was able to help out with the film in some minor ways and somehow got my first IMDB credit from it. If you can find a way to see his film you really should.

Nikon Df + 35mm f2 AI-s by Lucas Saugen

I got a new toy.

I guess I mean I got a new tool.

The main reason I bought the Nikon Df was that I wanted the Nikon D4 sensor but was tired of carrying around a huge DSLR. The retro styling is kind of funky on it but I do love the manual shutter and aperture dials. That's why I went to Glass Key Photo and picked up this old school Nikon 35mm f/2.0 lens. It's pretty sexy on this body.

Newsletter by Lucas Saugen

Ok. I'm thinking about getting a Lucas Saugen Photography Newsletter going. I'll only use it a few times a year but I promise to use it to give away free stuff. So there's that. I was told at a marketing thing its something that people do.

Sign up if you want...

...or don't.

See if I care.

The Line of Regret by Lucas Saugen

I Just got a few of the final ads that I shot with the good folks at Haberman. These ads are going to run in my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. I learned more about beer pong that one day of shooting then I've ever wanted to know. My favorite detail of these pieces is the smudge of lipstick on the wine glass in the first shot. It's the little things that really make something.

Stieg Jonah Greenspan Saugen by Lucas Saugen

Today my son turns two weeks old. Its all a bit of a blur but I wanted to share some photos from his birth. He ended up being delivered by Cesarean section after many hours of labor. Warning that some of these images may be a bit graphic. He was born 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches tall. To track his upcoming exploits we are currently working on a website for Stieg but until then you can follow his official hash tag on an social media #GreenSpawn. You should already be following me on Instagram as well @LucasSaugen.