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Give Me a Free Calendar!

Each year I make a little wall calendar to anyone who wants them. This year my calendar is going to be extra special and extra awesome. Sign up below and I'll personally mail you one free of charge. Just because. I just need to know where to ship them to. Please limit one per household. :)

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The Elusive Pig Truck

Our Chinatown Street Photography Crew has been stalking this elusive pig truck for months. It was spotted a long time ago as it was leaving a location on Stockton Street. Most of us thought it just a myth told to use by our elders. Then, just when you stop believing, a man walks past you with half a pig on his shoulder and faith is restored.

Shot on a Bronica 645 on Kodak Portra.

Surviving Minnesota

Just got back from a long trip to the home country to show off our little one. If you've never been, this is the time of year to visit Minnesota. There is much going on such as the Minnesota State Fair and the weather is great. Love it.